Welcome to Gymnasium Heraklio!


Welcome to Gymnasium Heraklio. Check out the gym passes and don't miss your training!

Pick up what's best for you!

New Visitor offers

1 Day

1 session
10 /one session
  • Gym Session

1 Week

up to 7 session
35 /seven sessions
  • 7 Gym Sessions

20 Days

up to 20 sessions
55 /twenty sessions
  • 20 Gym Sessions

You will NOT need a Covid Pass.

Bring with you a face mask in case you’ll need it, but it’s not mandatory while intensive training or aerobic exercising.

All Gym Passes include

Gym: Free Weights, Cardio Machines, Strength Equipment

Classes: Lesmills®, Spinning®, Other Groups

Wodbox: Cross Fitness Classes

Private Parking

Lockers/Showers/Changing Rooms

Free Wifi | W/C | A/C

VAT is included in the prices


There’s no option for free trial entry.

It’s necessary for your safety to:



Clean your equipment before and after the usage.

(you can use our antiseptic spray)


Bring a big towel.

(we can also rent you (1€) for your training day)


Use clean shoes.



TEL: +302810370177

EMAIL: [email protected]

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Everybody needs to travel.

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation, or world domination,

at some point in our lives, we all leave the comfort of our personal “shire” to go visit another location.

It might be a quick trip to the next town for a business conference

– or it could be a massive adventure halfway around the world, for months at a time.

No matter what kind of trip, one thing is certain:

our normal routines are completely thrown out the window when traveling.


If that isn’t bad enough if your workouts take place in a gym,

you may suddenly find yourself without access to fitness equipment!


Well, not anymore!

There’s no reason to miss your workout!

There are lots of options for maintaining your training schedule while you travel.


In our Gym, Gymnasium Heraklio our passion is your health and your safe and effective training.


There is no reason why you can’t enjoy your vacation while keeping your training on track.


Give it a try!

Take advantage of our special gym pass packages for visitors to Heraklion

and stay fit during your vacations.

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TEL: +302810370177

EMAIL: [email protected]